CTP at 100,000

CTP BannerWhat it REALLY Means

First and foremost, congratulations TimTech. Click Track Profit signed up it’s 100,000th member just before midnight EST Saturday night. Huge accomplishment, just huge.

CTP is the first real creation of the company we now know as TimTech, the genesis idea that brought Tim Linden, Jon Olson and Justin Ledvina together. They had an idea and a vision for a ‘business hub’ that would not only teach EVERYBODY how to make a real living online, but have fun doing it.

In almost exactly 3 years of existence, CTP has shown itself to be wildly successful at several levels. Much of what we now take for granted in the TE industry started with and was popularized by CTP.

“Drip Fed Training”

One of the biggest and most successful parts of CTP is the training, and the time locked nature of it. Nobody can just roar through, watch the videos all in one day, and get their certification. Absolutely forces people to take the ‘slow and steady’ approach that is also the sure path to success in the business of TE advertising. Pure genius.


As successful as the “drip fed” system has been, it wouldn’t have worked on the scale it has without the introduction of the surf badges. Part and parcel of CTP, the badges are simply tokens that can be earned by surfing at various TEs. Who knew the popularity that they would bring to an otherwise mundane project, surfing?


CTP has more or less pioneered the social side of the TE industry. ‘CTP friends’ ‘Private Message’ ‘Comment on Profile’ and the ability to share badges with your friends has changed the industry forever. CTP really encourages steady expansion of your social circle, and has been the start of many strong online friendships and partnerships.

“Log in Lessons”

Weekly video lessons from the Team and guest posters. Where many folks get their first look at a whiteboard, a business calendar, mind mapping. Who can forget the $2.73 business model? A seemingly simple innovation, the fact that it is still fresh and meaningful 3 years later is a tribute to the genius of it.


The more things stay the same, the more they change. CTP has a long time history of change. The TimTech team routinely ‘tweaks’ the program. Video Added, TEs added, entire programs and genres added, keeping a mature program new and exciting.

The Result

At the beginning, CTP was an innovative and unique program. It’s growth and progression has engendered a loyalty that makes everybody else jealous. Innovative at the start, it still is. 3 years and 100,000 members has made it much better.

And in the End

In my mind, CTP is the best training available on the net at any price. Was then, is now.

I’m just sayin’

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Saturday Shortstop: Alan Trammell

Alan Trammell on the cover of Sports IllustratedProbably the best eligible shortstop that is not in the Hall of Fame, Trammell played 19 seasons for the Detroit Tigers.  The greatest impediment to his getting to the Hall is that he played at the same time as Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith, two that are already in the HOF.  I would guess the oldtimers committee will put him into the hall, his numbers are certainly good enough…

So I spent some time over two days going through my blog list.  Sadly, more than a few have gone pretty stale, and a couple are even gone from the internet.  You really, I do mean really, need to post at least every once in a while.  You started your blog with an idea, why not go back to that idea?

Tony Tezak wrote a really good blog post about ‘jumping through hoops’ to get commissions, you can read it right here.  Like I said, the post is real good but you need to read through all the comments.  Some of those are priceless…

Has the Bitcoin Founder been Identified??

Newsweek put him on the cover, there is a lot of rumor and mystery surrounding the guy that nobody really knows.  Is this really the guy?  I found a good source article out of my normal circle, DealBook, explains the whole thing pretty well.  You can see that article here.

Sig Skeie has one of the most beautiful blog sites I have ever seen.  It was done by Rob Parris, (Crusin’ Exchange) and it is just stunning.  Lots of great photographs of costal Norway.  It really is nice, why not stop in and take a look?

Speaking of blogging, if you do, or even think you might, Sunny Suggs has a great place to visit called everybody should be blogging.  Plugins and widgets that Sunny uses or has tested.  Something for everybody that has a WordPress site.

Alan Trammell played all 19 seasons as half of the longest running double play combo ever.  He and 2nd baseman Lou Whittaker were just plain gold in the middle.  There is a lot to be said for working closely with someone for mutual benefit.  Don’t be afraid to ‘partner up’ with somebody that has skills that you don’t.

What ever happened to Alan Trammell?  He’s the bench coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, I can go see him again anytime.

I’m just sayin’


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3 BIG Reasons Your Blog Sucks

Your Blog SucksLet’s face it, there are about 43 gozillion blogs on the internet, and most of them suck. There are a significant number of reasons why they suck, but there are three that really stand out.

Understand that I am not talking about those pseudo sites that are called blogs.  You know the ones, nothing but a strung together bunch of advertising.  I don’t care how good it looks, blogs involve words written by the blogger.  Not 77 banners on a single page.  Not the same message copied and pasted.  Not PLR content.  Not ripped off and altered from another blogger.  To even make the consideration here it must be written by a human and must be fresh.

Number 3   Not Hosted

It looks like a really good deal, it really does.  You can set up a blog on a free blog hosting service and be writing your brand new blog in the morning.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and they mostly work.

All you have, however, is a blank sheet in a prearranged space.  It’s well advertised, but you, the blogger that puts the content out for the people to sell advertising over get none of it.  You provide the content, you provide the wisdom, you provide the stirring words, and the blog host reaps the profits.  What’s wrong with this picture?

You need to host your own site.  It’s really that simple.  And while you are at it, buy ‘brand name’ hosting.  Secondary hosting is a crap shoot at the best, and can be a nightmare.  I have 2 low volume sites, are both hosted through HostGator and I just don’t have a problem with them at all.  For $48 per year.  $2 per site per month.  You need to host your own site because….

Number 2  It Looks Just Like Every Other Blog

Even very minimal customization can really make your blog stand out from the pack.  If it looks just like everybody else, it will be viewed as just like everybody else.  And it doesn’t provide your reader with anything to remember your blog by.

There really is no excuse for this, you already know you need to host your blog, and WordPress, the industry standard is FREE.  There are literally thousands of free themes that work with WordPress, and it is very easy to set up your first blog post.  I can and have done it, you can.

It’s just pretty darn easy to make your blog unique.  I understand lack of money, and I use WordPress routinely, but there really is no excuse not to stand out from the crowd.

The Number 1 Reason Your Blog Sucks

You don’t write.  This is the single most deadly downfall for any blog.  If you don’t write and publish regularly you do not have a blog.  Period.

I run into hundreds of blogs per week that are months and even years out of date.  You have to write regularly in order to attract any sort of following.  It is just that easy.  If you don’t post, your blog sucks.

How to UnSuck Your Blog

Talk to Sunny.  Sunny is in the business of providing websites and solutions to bloggers and other business, and her built just for you service is terrific.  Let me tell you a secret.  If you have specific questions, Sunny will answer even if you are not a paying customer. Because that is how Sunny is.

Now what’s your excuse?

I’m just sayin’


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CTP is 3 is Done!

Ed Note:  This was originally written for and posted at the CTP is 3 website.  It is posted exactly as written, with very slight differences as required by different hosts for the two sites.  Used by permission of Sunny Suggs and Tom Wacker.

And the Winner is…..

Elina Balashova.  To absolutely no one’s surprise, Elina has defended her title, this time she wins the $500 all by herself.  The change for this badge hunt is that she did not get them all, she scored 199 out of a possible 203.  Huge Congratulations to a great competitor!!  Way to be, Elina.

Nugget for next time.  Watch to see if you think anyone is beating Elina.  It certainly eliminates the pretenders in a hurry.

Man, there was a lot of action during the CTPis3 badge hunt.  The real winners were probably badge holders.  The 18,000 badges awarded is testimony to the fact that a whole lot of people got a whole lot of activity for the price of their badges.

The REALLY Big Winners

John Novak has to be one of the big winners.  He gave away a record smashing 1034 #12 badges, but that isn’t near all.  He gave away nearly 3000 badges all total, just a ton of visitors to his websites.  And that wasn’t the best!  John had two charitable badges, which resulted in a MINIMUM of 250 donations to TE Cares Clean Water and KIVA.  A big Attaboy to John.

William A Miller II had the largest number of badges, and a heck of a lot of play for his websites, too.  He launched an entirely new program on 2 of his sites with badges!  What a great use for the badges.  He also promoted his badges in the general surf, just a terrific effort.  About what I expect from Mr. Miller.

Speaking of Launches, Lynn M launched ‘Win $10 with Lynn” using one of her badges, and by all accounts, a successful launch of what promises to be a successful program.  Way to go Lynn.  Lynn also reports way over 100 subscribers to her list and she also finished in the top 5 of the indivudual hunters.  Pretty darn good ROI, I’m thinking.

Talking about ROI, read a great after action report from Kris Rogers right here.  Kris tallies exactly what her subscribers cost her, and the final number should surprise you.  It certainly did me!

Robert Arnold and TERL are having a big weekend, the number of people introduced to the raceway by the badge hunt is surely a contributing factor…

Jerry Iannucci generated a lot of hits for Mr. Safelist, partially by giving away what would have been a record 737 copies of badge #67.

Andrew Stark, the Scottish Capitalist, promoted heck out of his badge #104 and signed up a ton of prospects.  A really fine example of ‘how to’ for the rest of us.

Disappointments for Me

Sunny Suggs badge #2 was a real badge hunt.  It had several clues and places to go, nothing hard, just a fun badge to get.  I really thought she would do a lot better with it.  Just not even remotely sure why it didn’t.

And most disappointing to me?  Virginia Heron’s #101.  Write a blog post for her fashion site, Poshperity.  I thought (and still think) that it was the most clever use of a badge in the whole hunt, I can’t believe that only 7 people did so.

Final Comments

This was just a rip snorting good promotion from start to finish.  I simply can’t say enough about TimTech, the concept or the way the badge hunt was delivered.  Thanks, TimTech.

Thanks Sunny!  She does the hard work and lets me be the front man.  I just wouldn’t do this without her, I am completely blown away by what a pleasure it is to work with her.  If you don’t talk to Sunny when you need a website or stuff for a website, you are making a huge error.  She is the best!

I had a great time, again.  Thanks for reading and all the great comments.  I really appreciate them each and every one!  You guys rock!

I’m just sayin’

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Bitcoin Clicks

1 BitcoinIt’s been a while since I did a product review, it’s time.  Bitcoin Clicks is a site I have been a member of since January 17, 2014 and an upgraded member since February 4.

I started out looking for a site that traded in Bitcoins, so that I could learn more about the operation and insides of Bitcoin.

Let’s get this out of the way:  If you are looking to get rich, this isn’t the place.  The only real way to make serious long term income is Direct Referrals.  Where have you heard that before?

Terminology.  For the sake of not driving everyone crazy here, I will use some abbreviations and shortcuts:

Btc=Bitcoin  1 Bitcoin today trades for about $576 USD

mBtc=miliBitcoin  Like Mili Liter  1 Btc=1000 mBtc  Makes the smaller numbers easier to handle

USD=United States Dollar  The currency standard of the internet.

The Bitcoin Clicks Way

First things first.  This isn’t really a Bitcoin site.  It trades in Bitcoin but it is really a USD site.  How can you tell?  I put $16 into bitcoin (I use coinbase) so that I could upgrade my membership at Bitcoin Clicks and did so on Feb. 4, 2014.  Cost me 6.75 mBtc for a 90 day upgrade.  Since the price of Btc has fallen by 30% since I joined, the same upgrade is 9.45 mBtc today.  Same amount of USD, more Btc.

Bitcoin Clicks is a Pay to Click (PTC) site.  You view ads for a variable amount of time and are rewarded with Btc.  It’s very simple and straightforward in that respect.  It’s a lot less scattered than the normal PTC site, really you only have one choice of ads to view, only the timer varies.  The more time you watch, the more you are paid.

Rented Referrals are handled way differently than a PTC.  You rent RRs for a fixed period of time, and that’s it.  No recycle, not keeping them, they go back in the pool.  Makes for pretty productive rentals in my experience.  I currently have 100 RRs and they tend to be clicking machines.  I really wish I could keep some of them, but…

What I Like

I like the simplicity of the site.  You have all the stats and such you need, but there are only 6 tabs on the main bar.  It is real straightforward.

I like the way RRs are handled.  They are tough to get, and they produce.  They way you buy them is structured so that no member can have more than 300 and that would be hard to do.  No pigging by a few members.

I really, really, really like the return.  I joined on Jan 17th, upgraded on Feb 4th.  On Feb 17th I had earned back every single mBtc that I had invested in RRs and membership.  Nice

What I Don’t Like

The lag.  This isn’t BTC clicks, necessarily, just seems to be industry lag especially when converting USD to Btc or vice versa.  BTC clicks pays of in Btc and does so promptly.

The captcha system of verifying ad views.  I get security, and mostly don’t mind, but there is one color combination that I have a real hard time seeing.

What You Should Know

Bitcoin Clicks is a good solid site with a good solid reputation.  That doesn’t mean that everybody in the industry is.  Viewing the ads you can see any number of scams and schemes and artifices.  Beware.  There are some incredibly shady people in this industry.

Overall, my experience has been incredibly positive here at BTC clicks.

I’m just sayin’

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Saturday Shortstop: Honus Wagner

Honus WagnerHonus Wagner

Many consider Honus Wagner the best shortstop of all time. Elected into the Hall of Fame in the original class with Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. He certainly had ‘star power’.

A tip of the proverbial hat to Scott Wright, the sports nerd, for the shortstop of the week. Pretty impressive since Wagner played his whole career for Pittsburgh not Cleveland.

What’s up with not using your badges in the CTPis3 badge hunt?  At least 6 waited until the last day to go active and some never did. What? What are you thinking??

So. Just because I’m having a bad day does not mean the world needs to slow down for me. It means I have to put on my big boy panties and catch up. I hate that.

Is it just my sour perception or has twitter doubled their ‘promoted’ ad sites. It seems like just twice as many. I get making money, I really do. Doesn’t mean I have to like it…

Sometimes, I just outsmart myself. I really do. I just got a call that showed on my phone as ‘unavailable’ so I didn’t answer. I never do. If you are unavailable, so am I. This one is different, leaves a message. I listen to the message, it’s an incredibly pleasant sounding young lady that wants to ask me about my impressions from the Indian Motorcycle test. Sigh. I still don’t answer ‘unavailable’.

You know how much I like Google Drive, right? I use it all the time for everything. I can’t imagine life without it, matter of fact. I’ve been using it since it was Google Docs, and I’ve never had a problem with it. Never. Until just now. Trying to figure out how to spell my friend Corina’s last name and Drive is on strike. What?

The strike lasted less than 5 minutes. My faith is restored. And for those keeping score, the answer is Ungureanu.

Tim Linden just answered an email that I thought was destined to a ‘dead letter drop’. How cool is that? One of the partners at TimTech answers in person?? The guy with 10,000 blog subscribers? Really? Anybody have any questions about where their success is rooted?

Honus Wagner had some business sense, too. He was the very first sports figure to represent a product, using the Honus Wagner signature bat from Louisville Slugger. His baseball card from the American Tobacco Company is the most valuable ever because he sued to have his likeness removed. He did not use or condone the use of tobacco and so created the rarest card of all.

We could all use a little of the Honus Wagner business sense. Even if we aren’t the best ever…

I’m just sayin’

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