CTP Teams

CTP Teams

The boys and girls at Click Track Profit have absolutely done it again.  CTP Teams was launched on Monday morning.

The launch was soft and gentle, with no fanfare.  The response and activity has been anything but.  24 teams, 251 players in the first 3 days!

What the H E double Hockey Sticks?

Basically, each team consists of up to 25 players.  CTP experience points are used as the scoring medium with a bias toward upgraded members.  Free members get one point per experience point, upgraded members get 2 points per CTP point and Kore4 members are scored at 4x.

The league is set up like the English Football League.  The top 10 teams are in the Premier League, everybody else is in the Competitive League.  The top three teams in Competitive League move up to Premier every week, and the bottom three in Premier move down every week.

Premier League members (and therefore teams) get a 10% bonus on Nerd Surfing each week.  A significant boost.

Join a CTP Team, or start a team (you have to be Kore4 to start a team).  There are prizes to be won, and smack to be talked.  I am sure it is going to be great fun.

Smack Talk

I am a proud member of the Lucky 13.  We have been in the Premier League for 1 consecutive week.  Get used to that number of weeks call, you will see it for a long time.

We are in this competition to win it.  Weekly, monthly, yearly.  There are a couple of others ahead of us right now, but I promise you we will grind them until they fall.  I will announce the consecutive number of weeks in the Premier League every Saturday.

Our strategy?  It’s simple, really.  Grind.  Do what it takes every day.  Every single day.  Vaults.  Nerd Surf.  Advertise.  Get Badges.  Wheel spins.  Grind.

You might as well get used to the idea.  Lucky 13 is going to be in your face.  Just like TimTech and CTP Teams.

I’m just sayin’

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BitCoin: Where it’s At

BitCoinBitCoin History

According to Wikipedia BitCoin was first mentioned in a scholarly paper in 2008 and became active in 2009.  That article gives a detailed history and overview.

In 2013, some websites started accepting BitCoin in place of currency.  It is, in fact, not a currency but a commodity, but one that can be traded into cash in an instant. It is enormously popular in some circles.  As I write this 1 Bitcoin is worth $436.62 (USD).  It can change drastically and often.

BitCoin Today

BitCoin has grown up in the last 5 years.  Several governments have declared it to be a currency (and as such, taxable).  There are BitCoin ATMs in a small number of cities around the world.  Plans have been announced to launch a BitCoin bank this summer.

For the last 100 days or so, I have been active at several BitCoin sites.  Most notably BTCclicks.  The remainder of this post will consist of MY ideas and MY opinions.  Be warned.


I got a bad start at BTCclicks.  I joined under my friend Tony Calabrese, and he didn’t get me or anybody as a referral.  Multiple attempts at Support went unanswered.  Unanswered at all and never resolved.  As active as I have been, somebody got a very nice referral that they didn’t earn in any way, shape or form.  I ended up my run (yes, I am done) with 102 direct referrals and I know that I missed a couple also.  Not a great way to do business.

I liked the platform, however, and decided to use it for my BitCoin research.  I upgraded and surfed ads there every single day for the last 100.

I have doubled the cost of my upgrade in BitCoin in the 100 days, unfortunately BitCoin has fallen pretty steadily since I started and I am no where near doubling my investment.  I made a few dollars by surfing religiously and renting referrals.  About 6 weeks ago it became absolutely impossible to rent refs, so the bulk of my money was made in the first 6 weeks.

I’m not sure if the difficulty renting shows a weakness in the site, or a business decision by the site owners.

All that said, I see BTCclicks in a positive light.  More than a few BitCoin PTCs have completely come and gone in the last 100 days, and BTCclicks has fulfilled their part of the contract to the letter.  They paid very quickly every time I withdrew BitCoin.

BitCoin PTC Industry

It’s the wild, wild west out there folks.  Sites literally come and go on a daily basis.  There are a LOT of impossible claims and general scumminess.  There are some legitimate possibilities in the industry, but there are many more that are plain and simply scams.  And more than that are simply poorly funded or have no business plan and fail soon.  Use great caution in this business.

BitCoin Wrap Up

I think BitCoin is legit and tradeable.  It is so incredibly volatile that I won’t trade in it, and I certainly do not recommend it as a trading vehicle for anybody but the most seasoned and savvy traders.

I have given up at BTCclicks because I have done the research that I intended to do.  Had I made more money, there is no doubt I would have renewed my 90 day upgrade and continued.  As I open new projects, some have to go.

I’m just sayin’

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Saturday Shortstop: Chico Carrasquel

Chico CarrasquelChico Carrasquel is the absolute first of the Venezuelan shortstops, breaking ground for several of the greats.  He was the first Latin American native ever to start in an All Star game.

If you use Google Drive like I do you will want to check this out:  You can use an App from Google to work offline and it has enhanced search functions!  At least that is the rumor.  I can’t find this specific app on Google or on Drive.  But I did find a really cool ap that will let me insert a Google Map into any Drive Document.  Cool stuff.

I have been seeing an increase in emails that don’t have an unsubscribe link.  If CANSPAM would just issue all of us honest operators a TICKET BOOK, life would be better.

Oh, then there is multiple unsubscribe.  Yesterday I unsubed from a list I never signed up for.  2 hours later, another email from the same folks.  Upon closer examination, this one had an apostrophe in front of the name…  I unsubed again.  Just before I went to bed, another came with an asterisk in front of the name.  My patience is growing thin…

Bitcoin Bank?  Really.  A company plans to open the first Bitcoin bank this summer. Article Here  The obvious advantages would be the need to store bitcoin in your own or somebody else’s’ wallet.  And the possibility of bitcoin drawing interest…

Bitcoin is right at $450 today.

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that one or more of Bruce Jenner’s step daughters has been seen at Click Your Face Off…  the Truth is, Sunny has a great new TE going there.  Smooth and fast, check it out…

Chico Carrasquel is not the first Latino to play the game.  His uncle played for the Senators as early as 1939.  But he was a standout player, the first.

Stand out, be first.  It’s a pretty good business strategy, too.

I’m just sayin’

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Kore4 Sweeva

Kore4 SweevaWhat in the world is going on at Sweeva? The timer is jumping around, people are leaving funny comments, there are specific ads dealing with ….what?


OK. If you have been breathing the last couple weeks, you know that TimTech brought out a new membership level called Kore4. It incorporates Click Track Profit with the 4 TT Traffic Exchanges: I Love Hits, Start Exchange, Sweeva and ThumbVu.

The merits of Kore4 have been seen and discussed a lot. For me, personally, it makes absolute sense. It saves me $15 per month, every month right off the top. It offers a commission level previously unknown at TimTech. It showers me with credits and perks every month. It’s an absolute no brainer for me.


The Kore4 Sweeva upgrade brings plenty to the table:

It raises the ‘credits per click’ raito at least 20% for everyone.
It allows you to carry 50 bids at any given time (You don’t have to delete. Inactive works)
1000 credits per month, increases by 100 per month
50% commission level
Be part of the Sweeva Beta Team

The Beta Team

Psssstt. I’m going to tell you a secret. TimTech is changing the look of Sweeva. That part is done, and they are going to make changes to the way Sweeva works, too.

The only way to see the changes at Sweeva right now is to upgrade to Kore4. You get to see the new Sweeva pages and be a part of the Beta Test Team.

Right now, TT is trying different options for the timer at Sweeva. If you are part of Kore4, you get to be a part of the feedback loop and will be queried about your preferences.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the RocketResponder Beta Test team, the level of participation and input is astounding. I really like that I can be part of the same process at Sweeva. It is, after all, my favorite TE.

I also need to admit right here and now, that I jumped to conclusions at the 8 second timer test and was afraid for my beloved Sweeva. The current test is a choice of 15, 30, or 60 second timer as set by the bid process. I ran a 15 second ad the last 24 hours, and have a 60 second product going today. I’ll have more to say on this timer experiment shortly…

So. If you ever wanted to be a part of a Beta test team for an active development group, Kore4 is the answer to the question.

I’m staying Leo Strong until Leo can be strong for himself!

I’m just sayin’

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