Free at Last

What Part of Free Don’t You Understand?

I hear a lot of complaints in TE Land about the cost/expense of doing business. I don’t buy that load of crap, but there are things YOU can do to minimize your costs.

You can surf tons at your favorite TEs (hopefully the ones that get you results) and advertise like a big dog with the credits you earn.

You can be a ‘value conscious’ shopper. The recent Black Friday and current ‘Christmas’ deals are truly epic in a lot of cases.

Or you can just suck up free credits like a sponge in the bathtub.

Did that get your attention? Where/How/When do I get to the free credit trough?

Win10withLynn. Lynn M gives away at least 1000 credits EVERY DAY at some of the hottest TEs in the business. Well ok, not every day. Some days she gives away a filthy $10 bill. All you have to do is tweet a simple sentence to be eligible for the day’s prize. 30 seconds out of your life.

But first, you have to figure out the sentence.  How do you do that?  By seeing Lynn’s advertisement.  You can ALWAYS find it at Sweeva, usually at TERL and LoL, at the sites with Vault and Keys and the DC.  Plus about 100 others.  Look for it.

TrafficBreakTrivia Every Saturday at 6:00 PM EASTERN time Lynn M and her lovely co host (and soon to be Mr. Lynn M:)) host a trivia challenge live on Vokel. Everybody that shows up gets a prize whether you answer a question or not. FREE. Not to mention that it is about as much fun as anything on the internet…

You have to take a little action. A tweet a day and sign in to the broadcast on Saturday. Probably can’t afford it, huh?

Jeeze. Lynn tells me that she has trouble giving away all the stuff that her sponsors give to her. How can that be?

OK then. In all honesty, Brian Cullen (LynnM’s co host and fiancee) is a wonderful guy, a good friend and a huge asset to Lynn and her show. I just can’t help myself sometimes.

I’m just sayin’

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At Fault

So I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately in TE land about the low quality of Exchanges and the reasons for it. I have even seen a suggestion that the people that write the scripts should be held responsible for scammers that use their product. Really?

The argument or comments go something like this “They just buy a cheap script and throw it up, expecting to make money” “Any dumbass can afford a cheap script. Just cause they put it up doesn’t mean it is a business” Cheap script, cheap script, cheap script. It is a mantra around TE Land right now…

That’s like saying “That damn Henry Ford just sells his cars way too cheap. Now everybody that has a little money will be driving. And some may be used for criminal purposes” Or “Somebody should have stopped IBM when they had the chance to cancel the PC business. Look at all the rot that is on the internet…”

Let me tell you something. LFMTE is a fine product. In fact, it probably qualifies as a great product that is available at an incredibly reasonable price. Right now, it is the only value conscious product that will allow you to get a TE going short of custom coding. Which is not now, nor has it ever been cheap.

Robert Puddy is a mastermind at selling. He practically gives away the primary product (the top of the funnel, children) and then starts the upsell. By the time his prospects get to the bottom of the funnel they are truly customers for the long term. It is a great system, and it is classic marketing/business at it’s finest.

It just amazes me that the primary complainers about this process seem to be the same guys that are selling credits at their TEs for $1.00 per thousand. Really? In a race to the bottom you have lost any sales funnel you might have had.

I’m just sayin’

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Copy Cats

Remember when we were kids?  Nobody wanted to be a copy cat, but nobody wanted to be much different, either.  Things change, right?

Not so much.  When was the last time you saw a truly unique thing?  When you heard a truly unique idea?  Been a while I’m guessing.

Things advance by stages, and always have.  The first car from Carl Benz doesn’t look much like anything we drive today.  And despite what you might hear in the advertisements, Mercedes Benz has NOT made every advancement.

So copying is in fact, an art form.  The very best copy is an improvement on a tested theme.  The very worst is an ugly clone of something that worked for someone else.

Feel free to improve on something that you can and will make better.

Don’t be that person that copies the hot set up today.

If you can make it better, do it.  If you can only change the colors or the font or the paint, don’t bother.

I’m just sayin’

Tip of the Hat to Jon Olson, who got me thinking about this at TE Live on 12-16.  If you missed it, you probably want to watch the replay, it was epic.




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True Love

V StromI love my motorcycles.

No, that isn’t quite correct.  I love what I get from my motorcycles.  Within a couple of minutes of the wheels starting to turn, I get a peaceful feeling with a small continuous adrenaline drip.  My mind is sharp, I can think things through, my body is vigilant for the trials of the road.   I am fully alive, tuned into myself AND my surroundings.

It’s too bad I can’t bring that to my day to day.  I can’t, can I?

Well, knowing that there is a new adventure just about here certainly helps my mental Lake Michigan Conniestate, and I am always either riding or planning the next ride.  I have two very large US maps in my living room/office, there is no place that you can sit in this room without seeing one, and I can usually see them both.

I work to ride, and I ride to solve problems and plan my work.  It’s a tough life…

So I would ask you, Who/What do you love?

I’m just sayin’

So. I’m going to try to write what is on my mind. No careful crafting of an article, no concern for the SEO value, no minimum or maximum length, and OFTEN. Let me know what you think, please.

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Long haired bums

I am a child of the 60s.  Yes, the 1960s.  I turned 10 in the first year of the decade and 20 in the last.  Those 10 years did more to shape my life than any other.  For better or worse.

We flower children took a lot of grief from the Greatest Generation about our music and our hair length and our choice of clothing.  Not to mention our politics (I am a Vietnam era vet who was opposed to the war.), our approach to marriage, the sanctity of virginity our choices of recreation and a few other things.

Let me tell you something.  A lot of angst and resentment and bad feelings with the generation in front of us was the result, and it never ever went completely away for me.  I have had mentors in my life that fought in WWII, and even they would say “You had it easy, even in the war….”

I worked my ass off.  I lived the American dream, I did everything, and it was never enough.

And now, the same generation that suffered the persecution is doing it to another generation.  What is wrong with this picture?  Let the young people make their choices, let them find their way in life.  We did.  Appreciate that they aren’t exactly like us or like we were.

I’m just sayin’

A tip of the hat to Janelle for the days thought.

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I absolutely love motivational books and writing.  I read them routinely and with great relish.  I ALWAYS have good intentions to put these things in practice in my daily life.  Sometimes, I even succeed.

Here’s the deal.  Within half an hour of opening my eyes, I am working on something.  It may be something I’m writing, it might be surfing the daily challenge, it might be research on a project…but I am on it and soon.

You might say I’m motivated.  I say I love what I do.  Motivation has little to do with it, I want to EXPAND.  I want to get better, every day.

If you have to motivate yourself to do what ever it is that is in front of you, I suggest that you try something different.  You obviously aren’t in love with what you do or the way you do it.  Change something.

I’m just sayin’

So. I’m going to try to write what is on my mind. No careful crafting of an article, no concern for the SEO value, no minimum or maximum length, and OFTEN. Let me know what you think, please.

Happy Birthday to my friend Janelle Pineau!  My life is much improved by having you as a friend.  Enjoy your day…


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Is there anyone here that is old enough to remember Chuck Connors in the TV series “Branded”?  The premise was that Connors was unfairly drummed out of the US Calvary for cowardice and spent the rest of his life trying to prove his innocence.

In our business, being branded means that others recognize you and/or your product at a glance, much as people of the old west recognized McChord (Connors’ character) as a coward.  He was Branded and everybody knew him and his reputation.

Being branded is no doubt as good for us as it was bad for McChord. But how do WE become branded?

It doesn’t happen instantly.  It isn’t by joining a branding service (not that those hurt, they definitely help).  It comes of continuous contentious effort.  Get your face and product out in front of people early and often.  And do good work.  So that you may be branded in a positive light.  As opposed to McChord’s branding.

Do good.  Help people.  Get in line, stay in line.  Take your turn.  EVERYDAY.

Nothing to it.

I’m just sayin’

So. I’m going to try to write what is on my mind. No careful crafting of an article, no concern for the SEO value, no minimum or maximum length, and OFTEN. Let me know what you think, please.


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Appearance Counts

Remember?  Your mother used to critique your appearance before you went out the door? My Grandmother, various Aunts, even my first baseball coach (Look like a ballplayer, play like a ballplayer).

They may have been on to something.

Your website, your splash page, your landing page, anything you put in the public eye is a DIRECT reflection on you and how you do business.

Spelling and spacing errors on your splash page?

A landing page that does anything but make me want to click?

Unwanted characters on your website (It’s an LFM weakness, and EASILY correctable) (I just happen to know).  A latest news tab that was updated over a year ago?


Look like a ballplayer, play like a ballplayer.  I was so proud of that first uniform.  Real step through socks, a mock up of the Detroit Tigers road uni.  Sleeves and shoes and I WAS a ballplayer.

Can I be anything less with something I create?  Can You?


So.  I’m going to try to write what is on my mind.  No careful crafting of an article, no concern for the SEO value, no minimum or maximum length, and OFTEN.  Let me know what you think, please.

I’m just sayin’

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