Having Fun

If it’s not fun, why do you do it?

It was a question asked me over 30 years ago by a mentor. I scuffled with the answer then, and ask the question occasionally now.

It came about when I went to work for a company that didn’t appreciate my talents and was just a general PIA to work for. Morale was low, there was incredible employee bitching every single day. The only redeeming factor in the job was the paycheck. It was Union scale without the dues. It was hard, demanding, stressful work with the only reward coming every Friday afternoon when the paychecks arrived.

Why not leave? I was newly re married, had a wife (with an excellent job that she didn’t particularly like) and 2 stepdaughters to look out for. What to do?

We were fishing early one Saturday when Harry asked me the question. I had the obvious answers, and he had the good grace to not push the issue. Why would you do something you just really don’t like?

Being me, I thought about it a lot. Next time I got a good chance, I asked him if he’d ever done anything that wasn’t any fun. He didn’t even flinch. “Yep. WWII was no fun. It was just a thing you had to do, get done and go home. Not that we didn’t have some fun, but that was the one thing.” (He was and original CB, and left a beautiful wife and young son at home when he left.)

I worked on at that miserable job, but from that point on I knew it was a temporary job. I was looking for one that was more fun. I found it, and in the course of that search, my whole life changed. I determined then and there that I was not going to do ANYTHING that wasn’t enjoyable except on a short term basis as the means to an end.

So. I present it to you all. If it’s not any fun, why do you do it?

I’m just sayin’

“There is only one thing that I’ve never done.  I ain’t never, ever had too much fun.”  Popular song.  Lyrics by TJ Wright and Curtis Knight.  I like the George Thorogood  version the best….

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<In a restaurant> “Mind if I smoke?” “No. Mind if I fart?” One of the great movie lines of all time.

It’s what is on my mind today…my mind.

More particularly, why it works so well at times and then at other times just leaves the building.

How come?

Yesterday was one of those ‘leaves the building’ days. I got fired up early and often, and all most all of it was laughable this morning. I said things I would have rather not said, popped off when I should have just shut up, and knowing that there is a process and that it was working kept it going well after it should have gone away.

How come?

I don’t know.

I lost track of what is important to me, which is the people I work with, the friends that I depend on so heavily. In fact, they really saw the worst of it from me.

I forgot what is important, what the goal is. I forgot all about having fun. I forgot.

How come?

Essentially, because I chose to forget. I was angry, my feelings were hurt, I lashed out.

How come?

I don’t know.

All I do know is that if you were one of those people that I lashed out at, I am sorry. I’d really like to be able to say “It will never happen again.” I can’t say that with any certainty. I will try to make it be so…

Mind if I smoke?

I’m just sayin’

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Caveat Emptor

Can you hear the Who Boys? “I call that a Bargain, the best I ever had….” I can.

I admit to being a ‘value conscious shopper’ in all things. I am looking for the best deal I can get all the time. I really don’t like spending a dime if eight cents will get the job done. Most of the time that works out really good for me, but there have been some epic failures in my life.

It’s that precise reason that I find the CTP Marketplace so intriguing. If you haven’t been there yet, NOW is the time. Simply go to Click Track Profit, Log In, Click on the Goodies Tab, then click on the Marketplace Banner right below the header box. You are THERE.

It is entirely peer to peer (TimTech charges a very minimal fee to list an item), and the seller lists the price and quantity for every item. Let the market determine the price. Right at the moment, every single item that is available for purchase on the Goodies page is represented in the marketplace.

Some of them are at absolute bargain prices. I actually think I may buy up some of the AAA batteries and try to sell them at a profit. Some of the prices are NOT a bargain. There are XP batteries listed for 3x the price TT sells them for ON THE SAME PAGE. Let me know how that works out for you…. (Do you think those might be some of the same people that use a DUSAP page to promote a money grab scheme in TE Land???)

So. It is a true marketplace in the very best sense of the word. Know what you want, know what the price is, and shop until you drop. Or sell your excess stuff to finance the stuff you really want and need…. The choice is yours.

What a great concept, what a great service TT has provided with this effort. Thanks.

I’m just sayin’

*** Caveat Emptor:  Latin.  Let the buyer beware

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Pick 6

I wrote a really dismal prediction report yesterday. Today I will explore some of the TEs that I think will buck the trends and thrive. Yes, I am going to name names. And yes, there will be sign up links that are mine. Deal with it.

I made my predictions and base this report on my own personal tracking and experience. If you do not use trck.me, you are walking into a strange room with a blindfold on. You get a free 30 day trial. You need to track your results


Sunshine Surf Club–Elina Bashalova and Pat VD Toon. So far, SSC has done EVERYTHING right. Very smooth and slick, with a professional design. All the little touches that spell success in the making. A unique member’s page that shows every promotion that they are running for the entire month. These are surfers who understand the industry, and are providing a product that WILL stand the test of time.

Click Your Face Off–Sunny Suggs. This is not Sunny’s first trip to the rodeo, and there just isn’t a more savvy owner around. CYFO will succeed simply because Sunny says it will, and you can take that to the bank. It has all the bells and whistles that you expect out of a premium site, and week in, week out gives me great advertising results. A great place.

Lords of Lothar–Daniel Goettman. Am I the only one that hears the Star Wars theme when I think of this place? It’s an absolutely unique in all the world TE. Or is it a unique RPG game? I’m never sure… What I am sure of is it’s current and sustainable success. Daniel just keeps adding and playing and adding and checking and…I really does get better every week. What a positive happening in TE Land

Not So Newcomers

TE Racing League–Robert Arnold. It is hard for me to believe that TERL is less than 2 years old. It has the feel of a site that has been around much longer. Part of the reason for that is Robert has stupid skills as a coder and designer. AND he is continually tweaking the site. It is unique, nothing else even close. Big Winner.

Cup of Traffic–Russell Stockley. COT is not only incredibly handsome, it is incredibly functional Slick and smooth and functional. It’s a wonderful place. Russell is another guy with a stupid skillset, there may be a trend developing here.

Traffic Pharaoh–William Miller II. This is another less than 2 year old website that is sooooo good it feels much older. It is smooth and fast and gorgeous. William just happens to be another owner with crazy good skills.

So there are six from the last two years that give me reason to be very optimistic. I am not in anyway suggesting that these are the only ones, just that I picked these.

Note that I did not include a ‘long time’ category. It’s like the Geico commercial, everybody knows them…

I’m just sayin’

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2015 Revealed

Predictions are easy. Being right on said predictions is hard. Let’s see how I do.

TE Land

OK. I think there are too many. I think this has to be the year of market correction, I don’t think TE land can grow any more without some TEs going away.

Blame whatever bogeyman you wish. Cheap Scripts? Irresponsible Owners? Non Motivated Owners? It makes no difference what the reason, the point is there are too many TEs.

How do I know? You can regularly buy credits for $1.00 per thousand at some pretty darn good Traffic Exchanges. That price point has got to be very near the bottom. In a race to the bottom, once the bottom is hit, businesses go away. It is the way of the world. The unfortunate part is that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Some good, reliable, viable TEs might get sucked into the vortex and failure. I expect it to be so. I predict that there will be at least a couple of ‘industry standard’ type TEs that won’t be around for 2016.


Well, I am sure there are too many of these. I think it is really easy to say that there are a huge number of S/Ms that will just be ignored into never never land. That is already happening. I do not expect the same sort of correction in S/M land, just a whole bunch that fade away.

I think there are multiple reasons for the mailer collapse. In my opinion, the number 1 reason for failure is the ‘Featured Solo’ part of the business. Why in the world would you cultivate a list (it’s called a safelist for a REASON) and then sell that list to any spammer that comes along? Really? Doesn’t make ANY sense to me. I hope the short term money gain was worth it to you.


No report. I lost some money and all interest in a couple of the collapses of last year. I just haven’t paid any attention.


This sounds really negative, but I am not. I think our little corner of the internet is going to rebound just fine. We made it through the general fiscal malese of the last couple of years, and maybe the overpopulation can be laid at the feet of getting out of the gutter generally.

I when we look back at 2015 in a few years we will see a great year for the TE industry. But I think there is going to be some growing pains first. I am very optimistic about 2015.

I wish you the very best there is for this new year.
I’m just sayin’

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New Enough

It’s 3 hours into the New Year for me, and I think the Earth has just about spun completely through (I think Hawaii just hit midnight) the cycle.

I’ve always been interested in time and time zones.  I have a wold globe in my living room, and I can spin a great shadow line all the way around when I want to see the effect.  It shows very clearly the day/night line and how it proceeds around the world…

Kitt Peak, Arizona is home to the largest collection of optical telescopes on Earth.  Not only a great road to the top, but very visitor friendly and full of interesting exhibits.  It is there that I learned that I live about 16 minutes east of the center of Mountain Time Zone. A time zone is 60 minutes wide, so in reality I should have celebrated New Year’s at 12:16 am local time.

There is another way to monitor the spin of the earth and the time zones.  Monitor a good, healthy skype room on the appropriate day.  From Russell Stockley in West Australia to Dorena Begonia in Hawaii are 23 hours of New Year’s greetings.

The truly amazing thing is that I am not only aware of people and local time, but I care.  It is part and parcel from my online involvement.  It is almost magical to me, this connected jumble that is the internet…

I’m just sayin’

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